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    Cathy Campbell
Watercolor Artist

The unexpected gift I received since learning  to paint is that I now see  beauty everywhere; in places and things that I had never even noticed before. It's changed the way I see the world.


Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website and view my watercolors.

 My name is Cathy Campbell, and I  live on the beautiful North Fork of Long Island with my family. I am also fortunate enough to spend a lot of my time in coastal Florida. These are two of the places that inspire most of my artwork.  

I  particularly enjoy taking photos everywhere I go with thoughts as to how each one might be painted. I am always on the lookout for interesting subjects, which

can range from barns and beaches to palm trees and pelicans. Now all my paintings are done from my own photos, most of which I've taken while just living everyday life.

Although I have never had any formal art training I have always loved and

been drawn to watercolor art. Several years agoI finally had the opportunity to learn to paint when our local library offered workshops that were taught by an   amazing watercolor artist. Since then I have been able to learn from her and

other extremely talented artists. I thoroughly enjoy all of my

learning experiences, and I eagerly look forward to each new subject, technique

and all the steps involved in creating a new painting.

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